The Perks of Apartment Living

For many people, an apartment is a more attractive place to live than a house. This is especially true where the homeowner is a young professional working in a city, or a couple who do not yet need the space for a family. Whether owned or rented, apartments are a great choice if you’re looking for a space in which to live and don’t need the extra trimmings that a house brings with it, and in fact there are many more advantages to living in an apartment. If you’re considering the idea but are unsure, here are some of the main perks of apartment life.

Low Maintenance

It stands to reason that an apartment will require less maintenance than a house, simply due to the fewer rooms and less space. You usually have no roof to worry about and the chances are there will be fewer outside walls to deal with, and if you choose an apartment in a serviced block the general maintenance will be part of the deal. You may also have an in-house caretaker or handyman to call on when maintenance is needed. This is one factor that is very attractive to young professionals who are pursuing a career.

Greater Security

A house has several potential points of entry; an apartment, by its very nature, has just one or two. Furthermore, if your apartment is not on the ground floor it is harder for anyone to gain entry. A good apartment block will come with security measures for entry, which will be limited to authorized persons. It will also have the entrance covered by CCTV for added security, and in some cases a doorman or reception desk. Security is one if main reasons people choose an apartment over a house.

Choice of Location

Location is another reason may professionals choose to live in an apartment rather than a house. Apartment blocks tend to be in locations that are close to the centre of cities and towns, and as such are ideal for professionals. They are usually in short commuting distance from the economic hubs and offer fast access to the transport links and other vital amenities. Being able to get to work quickly and return home equally so, be close to shops and other facilities and not require a car means less expense and time saved.

Community Feel

An apartment block will be home to a diverse range of people, all in the same building. You will get to know your neighbours better than if you live, for example, on a housing estate as it is in all of your interests to look after the building you live in and keep it tidy and presentable. Some apartment blocks have communal gardens in which you can spend time and possibly meet with other residents, and if you do want to keep yourself to yourself there’s no reason not to. The apartment block is a friendlier place to live in many ways, and there will be a greater sense of community spirit than in many other living areas.

No Garden

While many people enjoy a garden and all that goes with it, for the young professional or non-gardener, the lack of one means a lot less to worry about! Gardens do require a lot of maintenance and, as such, either a lot of time dedicated to them or a paid professional to tend them and keep them neat. With no garden to contend with there is no need for mowing the lawn, worrying about it looking good, weeding and more, and if you do want to grow plants you can do so inside or on your balcony. The communal garden will usually be tended by someone employed as part of the service contract for the block.

Financial Savings

The financial savings in apartment living can be among the most attractive benefits of all. Not only do you have less space to heat, but you will also pay less in rent than you would for an equivalent house. This may be relative to the location, but an apartment in the city will certainly cost less to buy or rent than a house within the same vicinity. In many cases all your service payments will be packaged into the deal, and you may find that insurance is cheaper for apartments thanks to the building belonging to another part. It’s worth considering the financial element of being close to a place of work, with lower commuting costs included.

Communal Facilities

Many modern apartment blocks offer additional facilities that are attractive to the younger person. For example, it is not unusual for a city apartment block to include access to a gym – either in the block itself or a nearby one that has partnered with the owners – as part of the rental agreement or at a reduced rate. For young, up and coming professionals this is something that is an attractive option. Many apartment blocks also include a communal area where people can meet, especially more progressive and forward-thinking examples. Check the facilities in advance when searching for your ideal apartment.

Private Parking

Further to the section about security, it’s worth bearing in mind that many city and town centre apartment blocks offer residents secure on-site parking. Not only is this impossible to find elsewhere in most cities, but it’s also a valuable asset that anyone with a car will want to think about. Check the terms of the buildings you are interested in and see which has this facility as you may find it a particularly useful feature.

Put simply, there are advantages to apartment living and that’s what this article is about, so we won’t dwell on the downsides except to say there may come a time when you wish you had that outdoor space and didn’t live across the corridor from your neighbours! For young city dwellers the apartment is the way to go, saves you money and offers excellent convenience, so start searching now and find that ideal apartment in the location you want.