Pearman Court & The Help To Buy Scheme

For many first time buyers, the chance to buy their own home can feel both daunting and unlikely, as property prices rise, living costs increase and wages remain the same and the opportunities for many first time home owners are fleeting. With the average earning couple taking 6 years and 3 months to save for a 15% deposit, it is no wonder so many are disheartened by their current property prospects. Offering a solution to this problem however is the help to buy scheme, first created in 2013. 

Help to buy is a government funded scheme that helps people get onto the property market by loaning buyers money to use against the price of a new build home! All apartments at Pearmen Court, our latest building development, are fully applicable under this scheme! Using the help to buy equity loan, prospective buyers are able to get onto the property market much sooner than expected. Under this scheme, the government is able to subsidise the price of your property by 20% leaving you to cover just the 5% deposit! For many this substantially decreases the immediate deposit cost needed for their home, allowing their property dreams to become reality. 

In an article published on the website in August 2018, Kit Malthouse MP and Minister of State for Housing is quoted as saying: “Our Help To Buy: Equity Loan scheme has made this a reality for tens of thousands of households across the country, helping almost 170k households purchase their home.” 

Acre Invest fully supports this intention and are committed to building homes that are both high quality and stylish whilst remaining affordable and accessible and this is why it’s so important to us that we ensure our properties are included within the scheme.  

The incredible location of Pearman Court not only makes it a perfect place to live for commuters to London but also now an affordable place to live for those commuters. To London. 

For more information on how the help to buy scheme can get you your very own apartment at Pearman Court please contact us on the details below and let us turn your property dreams into reality.