Cornwall and Devon; Reasons to Invest

At Acre Invest we are constantly on the lookout for exciting new projects in up and coming areas, with unique development opportunities. It was an obvious choice for us to begin to look at the South West of England, Devon and Cornwall in particular,  as a place to build a future project.

Known for its exceptional coastline, areas of outstanding natural beauty, houses and estate homes of historical relevance and incredible food offerings, the South West of England is unmatched in the quality of life it offers. In a recent study conducted by the wellbeing charity Happy City, Devon actually came out on top when analysed against the conditions regarded as necessary for wellbeing!

“High levels of physical activity, volunteering, good air quality and local living conditions led Devon to be given its top ranking.”(1)

Recent government policies aimed at investing in the South West have also increased public transport options and its links to the rest of the country, most notably the train line joining both Newquay and Exeter to London Paddington. As well as this there are the local airports such as Bristol and Exeter which offer both local and international flights. This means that for many Devon does actually become an option for those still working and commuting to the capital, as well as being attractive to many in search of second homes.

There is also the undeniable advantage of a growing student population in the South West, with universities such as Plymouth and Exeter bringing many new potential renters to the market in search of new homes. This obvious demand for student housing in Exeter is obvious as soon as you enter the city, with many developments already underway within the area.

It is for these reasons and more that we see the Devon as filled with excellent residential investor opportunities and look forward to everything this area of the country has to offer.