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Investing in HMO’s


Investing in HMO’s With the increase in tenant demand for flexible and affordable housing on the rise, the opportunities for investors in HMO properties is at an all time high in the UK. But what makes these properties so enticing for budding investors? And what should you be wary [...]

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What Mortgage Should I Go For?


What Mortgage Should I Go For? With thousands of different types of mortgages available on the current market, making a decision on the best one for you can be overwhelming. Before making these choices you first need to know what mortgage will work best for you and [...]

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Maris Meadow


Maris Meadow Our newest passion project Maris Meadow consists of 3 houses and 2 residential barns in the village of Redbourn, Harpenden. A stunning country location with brilliant access to St. Albans and beyond. This duality of both location and access, is a cornerstone in all aspects [...]

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Most sought after locations in development right now!


Most sought after locations in development right now! In the fast paced ever changing landscape of property development, here at Acre invest we are constantly on the lookout for the most desirable locations in the country to set our sights on. This raises the question though, what [...]

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Why live in Redbourn?


Why live in Redbourn? Looking for a home in the modern day is easy, right? At a single tap of the search button the whole of the country is available for you to search through. From bustling city highrises to abandoned hilltop cottages, the world is at [...]

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Why Buy To Let?


Why Buy To Let? Buy to let; Buy to let is often the first move that many stand out investors make. Demand for property continues to grow within the UK, particularly with the younger generations choosing to rent a property before buying their own. The opportunity for a constant [...]

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5 Things To Consider


5 Things To Consider So you’re interested in a buy to let investment opportunity? Before taking the (financial) plunge there are certain questions to consider. Read on to find out our 5 top questions to think about before choosing a buy to let property.   1) What location [...]

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Why Invest In UK Property?


Why Invest In UK Property? The property market is an exciting and growing business opportunity which looks to buy, sell and rent property as a means to financial income. The option to turn stagnant properties into an exciting and consistent financial income is one that many investors choose [...]

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